The 8th International Partner Marketing and Internet Advertising Conference will be held in a completely new way in St.Peterburg on August, 17-18.

CPA LIFE team is creating a huge networking festival in the new St.Petersburg art section building up 1000 square meters of interior and street space.

The main goal of CPA LIFE FEST 2022 is to make comfortable, cozy and high-quality networking zones.

The features of the main summer arbitrage event are the business program and the festival format.

If you want to take part in CPA LIFE FEST 2022, REXPROJECTS team will help you.

Feel free to sign up here -, send us 10,000 subscribers+ during June,1-July,31 and you will automatically participate in 2 tickets draw game.

The results will be announced a week before CPA LIFE FEST 2022.