Nutratech 2020 in Sochi Casino

Nutratech is a series of nutra meetups for those who deal with beauty and health products. The conference perfectly combines the business part in lounge areas and the afterparty in the same location.

Nutratech 2020 will be held on April 3rd 2020 in Sochi Casino, Sochi.

What Nutratech 2020 is?

hard driving business programĀ  (only real case studies and real-life experience)

more space for specialized networking to find target audience and arrange meetings with potential partners

afterparty where a piece of insider information will be given away in a relaxed atmosphere with several glasses of drinks

spacious terrace with hookahs

Don't miss a chance to meet REX in Krasnaya Polyana on April,3. Drop us a message to schedule a meeting!